William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet

In Act 3 Scene 1, the violence results in the banishment of Romeo.The purpose of this coursework is to explore how Shakespeare makes Act 3 Scene 1 exciting for the audience.

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Act 3 Scene 1 is the main turning point of the play where it becomes a tragedy, the scene begins with Mercutio humouring everyone and then enters the happily married and love-struck Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt now that he has married Juliet, Tybalt thinks that Romeo is mocking him but still refuses so Mercutio decides to fight for Romeo because he has dishonoured himself, Romeo tries to stop them fighting but ends up getting Mercutio killed, filled by his rage he kills Tybalt, both families rush to where Tybalt and Mercutio lay dead the scene ends with the Prince declaring the banishment of Romeo.

Tybalt’s character does not change at any point before or during Act 3 Scene 1, because he is a fiery person.Romeo’s character is kind, gentle, loving person before Act 3 Scene 1 but during the scene he is gentle and loving only for half the scene until the death of his best friend Mercutio when he avenges him.Mercutio’s character is humourous, joking and sarcastic before Act 3 Scene 1 and is humourous, joking and sarcastic during the scene too up until his death which was because of Romeo when he suddenly turns on RomeoBenvolio’s character is a hot headed, concerned, a good and loyal friend and a peace loving person which does not change before or during Act 3 Scene 1.



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