Why the Police were Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper Essay

Why the Police were Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper

In the Victorian Times, smog was a big problem. It made visibilityextremely bad, so the murders would have been harder to witness. Therewere lots of prostitutes because there weren’t many jobs available forwoman, so they were forced on the streets. Most turned to alcohol. Thepeople out at the time of the murder would have been tramps anddrunks, not reliable witnesses. The East End streets were maze-like,and easy to escape from. These were a few of the problems the policeencountered.

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Jack the Ripper was extremely clever to be able to evade the policethe whole period in which he committed his murders. He chose differentlocations for his murders, so the police couldn’t track his movements.He didn’t know his victims, so no link or pattern could beestablished. Also, no inquires could be linked from the people whoknew the victims. It is likely he was rich, because he probably had acarriage due to the swiftness of his escape from the crime scene. Thisis because some of the bodies were found still warm. He was able toblend in with the East End, and not stand out, so that suggests he mayhave been originally from the East End. However, there’s always thepossibility he was just mad, and randomly picked his victims and wasblessed with luck.

There was massive interference from the press which immensely delayedthe case. Journalists weren’t interested in the truth; they justwanted a good story that would sell papers. They frequently talkedabout how the police still hadn’t caught the murderer. This placedpressure on them, causing them to change the detective in charge…

…r half was sent to Mr. Lusk in a box. However, the Lusk letter wasnot written by the same person as the Dear Boss letter. They realisedthis at the time, but it still caused confusion and disgust at thetime.

All of these ‘leads’ cost the police valuable time, when they couldhave been investigating things that could have led to the criminalscapture.

I think the biggest factor that allowed Jack the Ripper not o becaught was Jack the Ripper himself. If it had been any other person,they probably would have slipped up and gotten caught. But hiscleverness, unpredictability, the fact no one could trace him, and howhe was able to escape the scene of the crime without being seen, allmeans it was extremely difficult to catch him, of course, add in allthe other factors, and the police were doomed from the start.


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