What Are the Positive and Negative Impacts of Migration in London? Essay

Introduction “London has long attracted immigrants from different ethnic and social compositions, wealth and educational levels”.

London is the capital city of England and of the United Kingdom. The city is the main political, economic and cultural centre of the UK. The economy of the London occupies the fifth part of the UK’s economy. London has long attracted immigrants from different ethnic and social compositions, wealth and educational levels. The rural poor of former British colonies and the richest people from other countries reach out there. People who come to London are looking for a good education, jobs for survival, safety life etc. Therefore, the level of social stratification in London is one of the highest in the world and immigration plays the most important role in it.

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Economic Factors.

Immigrants in London are those people who are looking for skilled and unskilled job; going for family reunion, asylum seekers, students. They have many different factors like economy, social, educational factors etc.

First reason of immigration is the size of London’s economy. It means that there are many opportunities to enter the labor market. London’s labor market has become increasingly polarized last years. Number of well paid jobs and wages in the top jobs have been increased significantly. Surveys indicate that as many as 22% graduate recruits into the financial and business services sectors come from abroad. Migrants are an important part of the labor force in management positions of corporations that have an international or even global reach. Some sectors are also dependent on a migrant labor force, especially in the public sector where pay rates do not have the higher costs of living in London and recruitment is therefo…

…d education, quiet and safety life, and just for those who want to find a good place for leisure tourism.

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