Was Jack the Ripper a Woman? Essay

Mysteries have been going unsolved for years and puzzling minds across the globe. Serial killers give the most controversial mysteries, especially cold cases in which the killers have never been identified. One of the more infamous serial killers, Jack the Ripper, has been fascinating but horrifying investigators since the first victim was discovered. But what if Jack the ripper was not a Jack at all, but rather Lizzie the Ripper? New evidence has shed some light on this case and states that it would make more sense if it was a woman instead of a man.First and foremost, the name Jack the Ripper was actually not given by the media or other investigators. The infamous name “Jack the Ripper” actually came from a letter that was sent by the person whom claimed to be the Whitechapel butcher. These letters had taunted the police about the horrific murders that showed up on the doorsteps of the East end of London. The name stuck when the letters began to be signed from “Jack the Ripper.” But the police found that the letters were in order to draw attention to the murders. The Hell letters that were originally sent to the Scotland Yard had been signed “Jack the Ripper.” However, since then it has been proven that the incriminating letter was penned by Frederick Best, who worked for the Star newspaper in London.” (National Enquirer “JACK THE RIPPER WAS A WOMAN! – The National Enquirer”.) The Star newspaper was the source that came up with the clever name. This actually worked out in Lizzie’s favor since the investigators would actually be looking for a male until after new DNA testing was available. “In 2006 used swabs from letters supposedly sent to the police by the Ripper to build a partial DNA profile of the killer. T…

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