Use of Sustainability in the Design of Olympic Park in London Essay example

SustainabilityDuring recent years, people have difficulties as a result of changes such as increasing disease, human inequality, famine, raising prices, and ecosystem corruption. After the climate changes and decreasing the population, there are many concerns about environmental issues.In Rome club published a report to ‘limits the growth’ in 1977 (Meadows et al. 1972). This report refer to the increasing the usage of fossil fuels by growing human population and industrial manufacture so, they schedule to control the ecosystem damages. Then these issues become important in scientific, and political (compare kofmuller et. al. 2001). In 1980, decline the energy sources published in ‘World Conservation Strategy’, discuss that econmy would not develop if just consider ecological issues (compare kofmuller et. al. 2001).Then, people are aware of environmental changes all around the world. In addition, the UN published commission about some strategies to preserve the climatic issues and be aware of progress (WCED1987).The other report in 1987 ‘Brundtland Commission’ published that sustainable means to provide people requirement in present without compromising the capability and need of the future generation known as ‘Our Common Future’ (WCED, 1987).Finally, 170 nations accepted agenda 21 (start sustainable improvement) that would satisfy human requirements in now and future, to control the environment corruptions. Therefore, sustainable development realizes the dependency of people to ecological systems and progress happened within them (compare Dunphy et al., 2000).The Agenda 21 spread around the world which explain the meaning of sustainable improvement, and how accomplished it. There are several not only definitions that d…

…reen area and properties. It should be have some criteria that can integrate to the whole area of UK. It makes some problems that should be solving, then need to break some rules and cultural limitations. Thus, it would provide by social awareness to realize the importance of sustainable technologies (Vigor et al., 2004).A sustainable London Olympic

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• Olympic parkOlympic park is an important and huge project in Great Britain. It is significant(different) that architects and urban planner create new strategies to make proper design and environmental preservations. Moreover, they innovated some new standards and solutions on every aspect of the project such as architectural, urban planning and so on. Thus, all of them changed the face of the East of London from polluted and terrible condition to sustainable sample and noticeable heritage for next the generations.


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