Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth and London by William Blake

Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth and London by William BlakeUpon Westminster Bridge was written by William Wordsworth on September3rd 1802. William Blake wrote London between 1757 and 1827. Both poemsare about London, but they have very different views of the city.Wordsworth sees the good about the city and doesn’t pick up anynegatives. Blake however expresses a negative feeling and shows how itis felt by all.

Wordsworth was the son of a lawyer called John Wordsworth. His fatherwas the personal attorney of the Earl of Lonsdale, the most powerfuland hated man in the area. He had three brothers and one eldersister. He wrote this poem in the year that the Earl died when he andhis siblings could finally receive the inheritance of their mother andfathers deaths. Little more than a month later after writing the poemhe married his childhood sweetheart Mary Hutchinson. This could havehad some effect in his views and prospects in life after all he hadsuffered when he was a teenager.

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Blake was the son of a successful hosier and was the third of fivechildren. He only went to school long enough to read and write andthen worked in his fathers shop until he was fourteen. At 25 Blakemarried Catherine Boucher. A follower of Emanuel Swedenborg, whooffered a gentle and mystic interpretation of Christianity, Blakewrote poetry that largely reflects Swedenborgian views.

Upon Westminster Bridge has a very positive view on London. Hedescribes how calm and clear it is and how you could not walk bywithout noticing its beauty.

?Dull would he be of soul who could pass by?

He continues to say that the city wears the royalty that is part of itand how special it is to see this place. H…

…hing as if it is human,even the people seem to be explained as just a sum or thing. To alsouse more collective terms gives the poem a very negative outlook,which is just what Blake was trying to achieve.

Both poems have very different views on London. Wordsworth?s was verypositive and Blake?s seemed to pick out everything unpleasant anddepressing. I personally prefer Blake?s poem as it seems to be morerealistic and if you took a second to think deeper into your town orcity you could probably highlight more bad than good points. However Ifeel that Blake was very harsh and a lot of the things that Wordsworthsaid are also very true and relevant but are a bit like living in adaydream. If I were to write my own poem I would write one moresimilar to Blake?s because I found it more compelling to read and itwas a lot more interesting and dramatic.


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