Unexpected Valor! Essay

Adolf Hitler once said, “The one means that wins the easiest victory over reason: terror and force.” in 1933, at the peak of World War II. That is truly the way he ruled the people, by terror and force. Millions and millions of people were killed because one sick man came to power and convinced the multitude that the Jewish race was corrupt. As the whole country seemed to follow him, there was a few shining people that stood up for what they believed in and disobeyed the law. They intentionally put their lives in danger for the sake of humanity. Frank Foley was one of these few selfless people of the time. One has to wonder, although, with so much on the line, were Foley and the people like him right in going against the status quo? The answer is clearly yes, because without people like him the world would not know the meaning of humanity. Webster’s Dictionary states that the definition of humanitarianism is “having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people,” and one might believe Frank Foley had and did just that.Frank Foley is not a very commonly known hero of the Holocaust because he never once accepted any thanks or retribution for the wonderful things he did (Smith 1-273). He was born in November of 1883 and grew up as a poor son of a locomotive engine fitter(Smith 1-273). He was the third of five children born to Andrew and Isabella Foley. As a young boy Foley aspired to be a priest and at the age of eighteen he went to St. Joseph’s college to study(Smith 1-273). After a short time there, however, he decided he was better fit for a different lifestyle and moved to study the classics at the Universite de France in Poitiers(Smith 1-273). War broke out in August 1914 while Foley was teaching and …

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Shuter, Jane. Prelude To The Holocaust. Chicago, Illnois: Reed Educational & Professional Publishing, 2003. 1-56. Print.

From this book I found a solid quote that I could use of Frank Foley’s. Also I learned about the number of Jews escaping from Gremany and how Foley did his part to help them.

Smith, Michael. FOLEY The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews. Polmont, Stirlingshire: Hodder & Stoughton, 1999. 1-273. Print.

This book told me so much about Foley. I wish I would have read this book first because it connected all the dots from what I had learned from other sites.

Willoughby, Susan. The Holocaust. Chicago, Illnois: Reed Educational & Professional Publishing, 2001. 1-48. Print.

From this book I learned that there was an estimated 200,000 people that were saved during the Holocaust and Foley had part in saving approximately 10,000 of them.


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