Two Perspectives On London Essay

Different people see things with different perception. Some people may look up to the better and brighter side whilst others look down to see the deeper and darker side. This is exactly what the two poems “Upon Westminster Bridge” and “London” show us. The two poems both depict the scenery and sights of the city London, but they are written in two different perspectives. Wordsworth’s “Upon Westminster Bridge” describes the majestic and splendid Westminster Bridge sitting along with the calm and serene River Thames on a Sunday morning. It is almost as if the city had worn ‘a garment’ that reinforces its beauty and grandeur. On the other hand, in “London” Blake portrays London as ‘chartered’ and ‘blackening’, with both adjectives used in a negative way. These two diverse interpretations can be related to the varying backgrounds of the two poets. The huge differences in imagery help create different tones and moods throughout the pieces, and by using poetic techniques and structure it can assist the poets in conveying their different attitudes to London.“Upon Westminster Bridge” was written in 1802, which was a significant year as this was at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The revolution had a profound effect on the social, economic and cultural conditions in the UK. Wordsworth was from a wealthy family who lived in Lake District. He was greatly interested in poetry, and soon became the Poet-Laureate – a poet of the Queen. This background of his can be said to have a huge relationship with his poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”. Wordsworth did not have many social or financial problems, which in turn made him learn to appreciate more of nature and the real world. It was said that Wordsworth loved to tour around and did no…

… and immoral finish.In conclusion, the two poets of “London” and “Upon Westminster Bridge” use different ways to present their diverse attitudes towards London. Different techniques like repetition and personalization are used in the two poems to show the contrasting opinions between the two poets. The structure and form of the poems are also of much significance in helping the poets to achieve the tone and mood they have wanted to create. The backgrounds of the poets help readers in understanding why and how they have written about London in such different perspectives. “Upon Westminster Bridge” is written in a rather tranquil and peaceful tone while “London” has a rather harsh and depressing mood throughout the whole piece. By using different structure and techniques, both poets have presented their diverse attitudes towards London in a clear and detailed way.

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