Transportation System in London, England Essay

Transportation System in London, England

London is Europe’s largest city. Every day millions of people have tocommute to get to their work place. Through out the city businessesrely on a transport system that enables employees and customers toaccess their offices shops and factories .

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An efficient transport system provides saves the environmental ,time and costs. Which can result in an increase in commuters who usethe transport system more regularly as they will trust the system morewhich will lead to more money coming in from the transport sector.

An inefficient transport system to a business can result in a declinein custom and an increase in custom and an increase in employees thatare tired , stressed and unpunctual .

London planners have discovered many ways to improve transport in thecity,

in 1991.


The Croydon Tramlink has benefited businesses and employment in the

local area

For my coursework I will be looking at the above Hypothesis. I mustdecide if I agree or disagree with this statement. To do this I willbe visiting the local area affected by the Tramlink as well as carryout research from secondary sources of information.


On Friday the 13th May our Geography class set for a fieldtrip to findout more about the Tramlink and the local area. We meet in Wimbledonwhere we carried a survey of the shops. We completed the table. Whichis in the back of this coursework.

We counted the number of low, middle and high order shops. Wetherefore able to identify what types of shopping area Wimbledon is.We then boarded the tram at Wimbledon station. While on the t…

…hat fit thisbuild in criteria.


“The Croydon Tramlink has benefited businesses and employmentinThe local area”

In conclusion, my views on the hypothesis is that it is true. For thereasons of helping different groups of people. It is cheap so bothwealthy and poor can afford it.

It runs on time so both school goers and working people can arrive atthe destinations on time thanks to the time accuracy of the trams. Itis easy access to both disable and able bodied people and helpful tooas your destination is told to you step by step during the route.

It provides jobs both directly and indirectly to many people fromdriving the trams to cleaning them up!

Theses are all the reasons that I feel my hypothesis is correct.


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