Tourism In London

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Tourism In London

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The aim was to find out about tourism in London.


We had to find about tourism in London, so we visited three of the toptourist attractions in London . The first attraction was the Tower ofLondon. William the Conqueror began building, what is now known as theTower of London, in 1078. The Tower is situated on the north bank ofthe river Thames, at the eastern extremity of London. It containswithin its walls twelve acres and five roods. The exterior circuit ofthe surrounding ditch is three thousand one hundred and thirty-sixfeet. On the Tower Hill side the ditch has considerable breadth anddepth; and here the view was taken which illustrates this description.


The second attraction was the Tate Modern. It is a major gallery ofmodern and contemporary art.


The last attraction was the St Paul Cathedral . There are many greatCathedrals in the world. One of them is St. Paul’s Cathedral inLondon. After the huge fire that nearly destroyed the city of Londonin 1666, St. Paul’s was restored by the great Sir Christopher Wren.One of the most favoured and amazing features of the new and improvedchurch was the dome. The church’s huge dome towers were about 365 feettall. Wren created an inner and outer dome constructed like two layersof an onion skin. The dome is divided into four stages from theoutside supporting dome. The design took great skill. Wren’sarchitectural design also required that the dome rest on eight piers.He created a maximum wealth internally and a distinctive externalsilhouette that has since become a London landmark .



The method I used was my observational skills. For example for thelandscape evaluation I took a good look around to see what there was.For the questionnaire I went up to people and asked the questions onthe sheet.


From my results it shows that the tower of London has the most


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