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The Wright BrothersA lot of important events of the past happened in Mexico. In 1810 Mexico was ruled by the Spanish viceroy, which was organized into the Spanish colony of New Spain. In 1812 Mexico is politically unstable. In 1846 Mexico loses one third of its territory to the United States during the Mexican War. In 1861 Benito Juarez becomes the president of Mexico. In 1877 Porfrio Diaz rules Mexico. In 1911 Diaz flees the country and Madero is elected president. In 1914 General Uenustians Carranja becomes the president of Mexico. In 1934 President Lazaro Cardinas nationalizes the industry of Mexico. In 1985 there was an earthquake in Mexico City and it kills 20,000 people. Last, in 1988 Carlos Salinas de Goortari is elected president of Mexico.

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The government in Mexico is somewhat the same to the government in the United States. The Formal Government contains the Republican Party with two legislative houses of the Chambers of Deputies. The Head of The State is the president, which was elected to 1 to 6 year terms. The Elected Officials are the President, the 12 senators, the 500 deputies, the 31 governors, the mayor of the Districts of Mexico City and the munical official. The Administrative Organizations are 31 states, each with a government, and the Federal District of Mexico City rolled by the federal government, also the munical councils administrated by the mayors. Last, the judiciary system in the Supreme Court, which is divided into 6 sub-courts.


There are many traditions in Mexico. On February 5th the Mexicans celebrate Constitution Day. May 21st is President Benito Juarez’s birthday. May 8th is the Anniversary of Pueblo. September 16th is Independence Day. October 12th is Columbus Day. Another day that the Mexicans celebrate is on November 2nd and that’s the Day of the Dead. They celebrate all the people that died in the wars. On December 12th is the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mexican men wear hats called sombreros.

Current Events

There were four major current events that happened in Mexico. On April 2nd, 2000 Mexico got a wider phone connection. At first Washington D.C. said no to this but Mexico got it anyway. Now Telmex is Mexico’s biggest, local, long-distance phone company. It is also the largest Internet service. On April 4th the Mexico Supreme Court found out who killed the most famous T.V.


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