The Works of Richard Wright Essay

Charles Washington

A Fresh Beginning through WritingThrough writing anyone can create whatever their desires: people, places, objects, events, anything to get others to view a piece of information of he or she’s choice. Like Clive Lewis said, “You can make anything by writing” (C.S. Lewis). He was accurate in saying that statement. All writers have a different way to communicate to others about themselves and showing people how they feel. One person amongst the group of authors Richard Nathaniel Wright, has drastically indicated his thoughts to the world through his writing. He took his individual knowledge as a minority in an abundantly white community of Mississippi, and used it to write stories that would pull in Americans for many years. As a young African American male in the early 1900s Wright grew up in a world of deficiency and hopelessness. His novel “Native Son” and autobiography “Black Boy” were two of the most prominent pieces of his time. Before Wright there were not any African American that dared to inform others of their perspective and thoughts on the inequality of African Americans dealt with every day of their lives. Richard Wright has made a long lasting impact on the American community; he upraised societal knowledge about the impacts of discrimination and racism; he created a path towards a new genre of African American literature; and he influenced other African Americans to chase towards their goals specifically writing careers.Even though most of Richard Wright’s work was considered as profane and sometimes ferocious, this was a major point to his successful writing. To captivate white Americans and make them aware of the impact on the country Wright wrote like that intentionally. Being so that th…

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