The Two Faced Salieri

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“Now a madness began in me. The madness of a man splitting in half”. Even though this was uttered by Salieri, it’s our life! And yet we still don’t know what’s in it. You might not notice, but everyone in this world has two sides, one dark and the other light. The quote above also has two sides. On one hand he was a noble court composer, on the other hand he was really evil and was filled up with jealousy. Did Salieri control his two different sides or did he believe in one side and invaded the other?

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In the following few paragraphs, I am going to prove to you how Salieri was a two faced person.Salieri was a noble, decent and a mature person. After his father died, God gave him what he needed and made him a court composer for the Emperor. He was simply a model of virtue for other people. “I kept my hands off woman”. This was said by Salieri and this quote also proves that he was respectful and an honored person. “Teaching students, many of them for free, sitting on endless committees to help poor musicians”. This quote was also said by the court composer Salieri. This quote tells all of us that he was a really nice person and didn’t want anything in return because God gave him what he needed the most. “Let me celebrate your glory through music”. This shows us that he was very dedicated to his religion and to God. “I was the most successful musician in Vienna”. Salieri was really happy when he knew he was the greatest composer of Vienna but when ever there is a good time for a person, there is also a bad. Salieri’s evil side took over part of his good side and this all happened when he arrived. The most famous composer named Mozart.

Salieri like everyone else also had a bad side. He was really jealous when Mozart took over his dreams. Mozart was also a composer and he became well known in Vienna through his music. When Salieri first saw Mozart he thought how can such a vulgar man create such great music. Salieri was really mad at God for making such a disgusting and a dirty minded person such a great composer.


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