The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank Essay

The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank starts out in the annex in the warehouse in Amsterdam, Holland where Anne Frank and seven others hid out during World War II. It opens with Otto Frank and Miep Gies standing in the annex alone in 1945. Mr. Frank had just come home from the concentration camps, being the one survivor from the annex. After conversing for awhile, Miep hands Mr. Frank Anne’s diary from the days of living in the annex. He starts to read the book, as it slowly flashes back to 1942 when it all began…On an early morning in July of 1942, the Van Daans and Franks meet up for the first time at the annex. All of them are covered in layers of clothing to carry as much to their new home as possible. They are all introduced to each other. Living in the secret annex is Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Margot, and Anne Frank. Mr. Van Daan is a selfish, greedy man. Mrs. Van Daan likes the finer things, thinks pretty highly of herself and adores her husband. Peter is shy, quiet, and just truly doesn’t say much. Mr. Frank is a kind, caring, leading man. Mrs. Frank is motherly, caring, and sweet. Margo does as others say and tries to keep a low-key profile. Anne is wild and unique. She doesn’t let others push her around, and she is very independent. Everyone in the annex is very different.Miep and Mr. Kraler are the people responsible for helping them hide. They bring them things they need, and make sure to keep their living arrangement a secret. They both show great kindness. The Van Daans and the Franks are told to stay quiet from eight until six, they must remain completely quiet because the annex is above the warehouse, and that’s when the workers will be in. They can stay …

… the world even though they are in this situation. She believes the world is in a phase. She is pure of heart.Abruptly, the worst has happened. The green police has come for them. They give them five minutes to get their things. Anne writes one last diary entry.Again, it is November of 1945. It is the same setting as the beginning of the play. Miep and Mr. Frank share information. Miep and Mr. Kraler claim they were out in the country when they were taken in search of food. Mr Frank shares about how they were all separated to different camps. Everyone but Mr. Frank had perished at one of the camps. Mr. Frank reads a line from the diary. Anne wrote that in spite of everything, she still believes that people are good at heart. Mr. Frank says that she puts him to shame, and the curtain falls.Works Cited

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The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank


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