The Mystery of Jack the Ripper Essay

The Mystery of Jack the Ripper

The Police arrested many suspects…..but who was really guilty?

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The terror that befell London’s Whitechapel district in the Autumnmonths of

1888 remains unparalleled in the annals of crime. Jack the Ripper, afaceless

predator whose infamy and guile would be renowned and feared to thisday, has

become virtual folklore to the people of the East End. More than acentury has

passed since Jack the Ripper stalked the fog filled, cobbled streetsof London,

but still latter day detectives continue to speculate as to theidentity of the

notorious “Whitechapel Murderer”. Only a few clues were ever unearthedby the

bewildered Police Force of the 1880’s, further whetting the appetitesof present

day theorists in their quest for the “Mysterious Monster”. At the timeof the

murders, detectives had never before experienced the apparentlymotiveless

brutality of the world’s first serial killer. The increasinglyfrustrated Police

Force, pressured by an angry public and QUEEN VICTORIA herself, wereto arrest

several suspects on flimsy evidence, only to have these lowlyscapegoats

committed to,lunatic asylums, in a pathetic attempt to rid the streetsof the

dark assailant. No-one was above suspicion…SIR CHARLES WARREN, Chiefof

Metropolitan Police, was to be suspected of his involvement in a”cover up” and

even Queen Victoria’s own grandson PRINCE EDWARD, was at one stageconsidered to

be a “Ripper Suspect”. Although time has allowed hindsight, andnumerous

suspects have been presented, many are too ridiculous to be consider…

…ect was that he feared he was going insanelike his

mother before him, In a suicide note Druitt wrote “Since Friday I feltI was

going to be like Mother and the best thing for me was to die”. Thenote was

discovered on his person on 31st December 1888. He had drowned in theRiver

Thames, his pockets full of stones. Druitt was seen alive on 3rdDecember, 1888,

almost one month after the last Murder and 2 days after his dismissalfrom his

teaching job in Blackheath. Druitt’s death remains a mystery, as doeshis

alleged connection with the Ripper Case. It is true , however, thatthe Police

closed the Ripper file following Druitt’s suicide. The dreadfulkillings

perpetrated by “Jack The Ripper” were never repeated beyond Druitt’sdeath. Was

this coincidence or conjecture?


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