The Life and Artistic Impact of Pablo Picasso Essay

Pablo Picasso was born in the early 1880s into a family with artistic roots. From this, he was able to draw much inspiration and opportunities to study in a well reputed art schools, which were located in Barcelona and Madrid. At the beginning, he did not have a definite direction in relation to his style; hence, experimented on a lot of techniques and forms. He joined a number of other young artists, authors and architects that took the direction of contemporary art in their work. The formative years of his career ended in 1901 (Fandel, & Picasso, 2006). He continued depicting issues in the society but leaving out some aspects of it in his art. His art not only influenced other artists and sculptors but also writers and composers. Among his most significant contributions in art include the combined use of clippings and cloth that would later be known as collage (National Gallery of Art, 1997). In addition, he was among the most influential artists that adopted cubism.Pablo was born on 25th October 1881in the coastal town of Malaga in Spain. By then, his father worked in a provincial school as an art instructor (Klein, 2010). This is the place where the young man began to draw inspiration. He studied in several schools in Madrid and Barcelona between 1892 and 1897 where he dealt with Roman and Greek sculptures (National Gallery of Art, 1997). At his young age, Pablo was already showing talent for draftsmanship that would continue throughout his career. The artist drew numerous family portraits as well as pictures of local figures like Salmeron, the old sailor. The artist made several visits to Prado, which also greatly influenced his style. There, he studied previous works from Spanish maestros in art like Ribera and Velazquez (…

…t techniques. Through his works, he influenced and continues to impact other artists, sculptors, authors and composers. His formative years would come to a conclusion in the late 1901 from where his work grew not only in terms of solidity but also in depth. Among other artists during his era, he was very instrumental in the globalizations of cubism in art. Boosted by his great skill and imagination, Picasso continued with art work until his demise in 1973.

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