The Incredible Legacy of Hugo Chavez Essay

This dissertation closely examines the impact and significance of Hugo Chavez’s legacy on the Venezuelan population and the neighboring nations during his reign. The essay evaluates the rigid and infamous public relations Chavez had with other superpowers around the world, but more precisely the United States of America. The dissertation focuses on how the former leader reached his position of power under an unconventional Venezuelan government that was heavily contaminated with corruption. Furthermore, the dissertation will discuss some of Chavez’s achievements after his emergence through the failed Coup of 1994 and eventually his victory in the democratic election of 1998. Accomplishments such as the reform of the healthcare sector, the development of Venezuela’s sustainable economy over his tenure, and most importantly Chavez’s avid support for a higher quality educational system for his people. Lastly, I will debate on the possible scenarios for Venezuela’s future under the leadership of newly elected Nicolas Maduro.The United States has had a long history of violence and political tension with Venezuela citing as early as the 1900’s with the Venezuela crisis of 1902-03. But with time and new political philosophies from both nations, these rigid tensions faded away slowly but surely to accommodate for the contemporary needs of both nations. The United States and Venezuelan leaders eventually decided to work together in order to eliminate the illegal drug trafficking which has plagued the Latin American continent for decades under the tenure of President Rafael Caldera. But this time of prosperity wore out soon after Hugo Chavez won the 1999 election in a democratic manner. Despite the overwhelming suppor…

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