The Hunt for Jack the Ripper Essays

The East End of Whitechapel, London, England will forever be frozen in history nation wide due to the horrifying murders and mutilations of five British prostitutes. The homicides committed by self proclaimed ‘Jack the Ripper’ have remained unsolved since the slaughter began in August 1888. The true identity of the killer has yet to be exposed. This fact creates much controversy for the people of England. During the past 126 years the search has been relentless, but the lack of evidence has led criminologists to the same dead end street.Recently, the ‘Ripper Industry’ has developed into an empire“It is likely that more has been written on this case than any other sample of armature historiography (the true identity of Shakespeare and the Kennedy assassinations possibly excepted),” states William D. Rubinstein, author of novels author of ‘The Hunt for Jack the Ripper.’ There have been many novels, films, and television programs all aimed exclusively on the 100-year old controversy, the true identity of the world’s first serial killer in history.Since 1888 hundreds of candidates have been proposed as Jack the Ripper.Accusations ranging from Oxford Scholars to common chimney sweeps, complete lunatics to a member of the Royal family. For years, no one has been granted the blame, and Whitechapel has remained haunted by a killer that no one ever saw.Whitechapel is located one mile from the Bank of London.The town was infamous for its relation to urban poverty, and the city’s sheer lack of cleanliness. The East End was commonly referred to as “The Abyss” by middle-class Londoners. As written in Charles Booth…

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