The Failure of Police to Catch Jack the Ripper

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The Failure of Police to Catch Jack the RipperThe Whitechapel murderer, known to many as Jack the Ripper was nevercaught and imprisoned for his awful crimes. Police still do not knowwho he is. There are several explanations as to why he was nevercaught and in this essay I will discuss them.

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The police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper as they felt thatno-one actually knew what he looked like. Most statements fromwitnesses claimed that, the ‘Ripper’ suspect must have been a whitemale, average or below average height, between 20-40 years old, didnot dress as a labourer or homeless person and was right handed. Theyalso felt he had accommodation in the East End of London, possiblemedical connections, may have been a foreigner, and also have aregular job as the murders took place at the weekend. Because thisdescription did not single out anyone, it made it more difficult toarrest anyone as the evidence was very weak.

Jack the Ripper was a clever man, as we can see from his ModusOperandi, as he managed to choose different locations for his murders,yet they were all very close to both public and police scrutiny. Eventhough they were supposed to be keeping a close observation over Jackthe Rippers movements, they were too complex for them and theWhitechapel area was so vast. The ‘Rippers’ movement around the citysuggests a prosperous man, who may have owned transport.

Media also played apart in the failure to capture the murderer, hoaxletters allegedly from the murderer were sent to the police, newsagencies and individuals associated with solving the crimes. Thesehoax letters led the police to waste time and in turn led them tofollow every lead (usually false ones). A few facts blew out ofproportion in the minds of a largely unsophisticated Whitechapelpopulation. The police spent a great amount of time red herrings,which were leading them down the wrong path. False starts inWhitechapel led to more confusion such as, the investigation of the


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