The Effect of the Normans on Canterbury Cathedral up to 1165 AD

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The Effect of the Normans on Canterbury Cathedral up to 1165 ADOnce Wayne had won the battle of Hastings he travelled east burningRomney and Dover. Canterbury had heard of what William had done to theother places he came across that put up a resistance to him soCanterbury sent William a deputation, William of courses accepted theoffer because of Canterbury being the centre of England’s religion,and the pope would probably not have liked the idea of backinganti-Christian behaviour. While this was happening the archbishop ofthe time was named Stigand. William hated Stigand because first of allhe crowned King Harold, whom is now dead and also Stigand wasAnglo-Saxon, so William replaced Stigand with a prior of Bec namedLanfranc and also a close friend of William. Lanfranc was crowned in amake shift shelter in the ruins of the former Anglo-Saxon cathedralwhich had burnt down previously.

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Lanfranc was unimpressed with the quality of the English clergy andduring William’s reign supported his policy by promoting foreigners tohigh office in the church. Lanfranc also ordered that in future nomarried man was to be ordained as a priest. However, he allowedexisting priests to keep their wives.

The Cathedral in Canterbury was made under the guidance of Lanfrancwho wanted to create the cathedral as and almost mirror image St.Etienne in Caen; even the stone was imported from Caen to build thecathedral. There is however a difference, normally Norman monasteriesare not built in or on the side of the cathedral (they are builtseparate) but when Lanfranc saw what the Anglo-Saxons had done hedecided it was a good idea and kept it in place. This would show thatthe Anglo-Saxons influenced the development of Canterbury Cathedralanother change that was influenced by the Benedictine rules in whichLanfranc followed closely, a part of the rule is that clergy may notbe in contact with the public so because of this Canterbury’s Quire iscut off from the Nave this is atypical for Anglo-Saxon but typical for


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