The difference between Classical music and classical music?

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In this essay I am going to look at the differences between Classical music and classical music. There are many differences between the two, one is an era and the other is a type of music.

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Classical is an era, it is from about 1730 to just after 1800. There are 5 different periods in time (for music), Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern (20th Century). At this moment in time, we are still in the Modern period of time even though we are in the 21st, not 20th century. A few people who contributed to the music in the Classical era are: Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The period that came before the Classical period, the Baroque, was a time of ornamentation and cluttered sounds. The Classical period focused on the opposite types of sounds- music during that period was orderly, uncluttered, well planned and precise. Music was expected to be technically pleasing and grounded in certain traditions and styles that had been “approved” by the public, often quite formal. Composers were seen as workers who were hired to write music that would please their employer.Vienna, Austria was the center of musical activity during the Classical period. Composers traveled from near and far to study with music teachers in Vienna. Vienna was such a hot spot for musicians that a style was even named for much of the music composed during the time: the “Viennese Style.” The size of the symphony orchestra was growing, allowing composers to create more complicated pieces calling for new instruments that made unique sounds unheard before this time. Opera remained very popular, as did symphonies (large works with several sections composed for entire orchestras to play), concertos and sonatas (pieces featuring one instrument).

Classical music (with a lower case ?c?) is completely different from Classical music (with a capital ?c?), classical music is music that is quite formal, and usually played by an orchestra that has lots of string instruments.


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