The Devastation of Poaching in Africa Essay

Planet Earth is the one and only home for humans, and it’s their natural duty to protect it and all of its inhabitants. For many people, the fate of animals is of little importance, especially when there are so many of their own species suffering throughout the world. However, only when one has respect for nature can he or she come to appreciate for his or herself. In the past few decades, some animals have progressively come closer and closer to extinction. When compared to demographics 30 years ago, less than 5% of tiger and rhino populations remain in the wild (Congressional). The main culprits for this abominable crime against nature are avaricious poachers who seek personal gain and profit. Poaching is the illegal killing of endangered animals. This crime was a large problem in the 1970s that was mitigated in the early 90s by intensive legislation (Coniff). More recently, the problem has returned, and it is worse than ever. Though some people consider the killing of animals an insignificant act, poaching can have terrible effects on the environment and on the economy.

The basics of economics tell us that a product will increase in value when its demand increases. Because of a few desperate poachers trying to persuade buyers, there are numerous consumers in Asia who are willing to spend as much as possible to get their hands on poached animal body parts. There is currently a rumor going around that ground up rhino horn can be used as a cure for cancer (“Endangered”). This is inaccurate; The main component of a rhino horn is keratin, which is also found in human hair and fingernails. Many animal parts have been a used as ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine for ages. Rhino horns and eyeballs are used becau…

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…. 13 Dec. 2013.

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