The Death Of King Duncan in William Shakespeare Essay

The Death Of King Duncan in William Shakespeare

The original ideas for the play of Macbeth was for William Shakespeareto impress the king of the time (James VI of Scotland later known asJames I of England ) by writing a play for him that shared the samebeliefs of James I that being The Divine Right Of Kings. The DivineRight Of Kings meant that a king was chosen by god and everybodyaccepted this, including Shakespeare. This play includes Regicide (thekilling of a king) therefore killing somebody like a king would be farworse than normal murder if Shakespeare did this the play would bemore dramatic. Shakespeare’s primary source for the play came fromRaphael Holinshed’s ‘Chronicles Of Scotland’ that was published in1577 and got most of his ideas from this. However there was a mancalled Banquo and he was seen to be corrupt but he was one of James I’sancestors therefore he made Banquo a good man in his play in order tokeep on the good side of the king.

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Shakespeare written ‘Macbeth’ in early around 1603-1606 when plotsagainst James I were rife. This was followed up by the gunpowder plotin 1605 therefore making the king more paranoid. It was performedaround the time 1606 and the play was originally set around 1052.There have been records saying that Macbeth was born in 1006 sotherefore the play was set when Macbeth was 46. Around that time theElizabethan people was interested in stories of killing the kingbecause they believed the Divine Right Of Kings the same as James I.Therefore if anybody was going to kill a king the would be shocked butalso interested because at that time King James I was paranoid as hefelt…

… Macbeth think that everything he has planned andplotted should come true. Macbeth then hears a bell ring maybe fromlady Macbeth and he then proceeds to Duncan’s chamber to carry out thekilling

The scene begins with uncertainty about whether Macbeth has carriedout the killing of King Duncan or not. This will leave the audience onthe edge of their seats as they do not know what is going on and thiswill make them feel insecure. Then Macbeth enters and says to ladyMacbeth that he has done the deed and that will leave the audience inshock and horror. However Macbeth and lady Macbeth show differentreactions to the killing of king Duncan. Macbeth shows remorse andregret as he is not sure whether he has done the right thing. LadyMacbeth doesn’t show any remorse at all and assures Macbeth thateverything is ok


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