The Current Educational System Suppresses Creativity Essay

We are all adapting to survive in world where the common conception of success and the ambition for many, is confined within materialistic possession and values. Qualifications equal success. The higher the qualifications, the higher the success rate or should I say annual income? In today’s working environment however, there is an influx of greatly qualified employees within the valued fields of education such as Mathematics and English. When it comes to the employability, the only thing that set people apart now and drives a business forward is innovative thinking brought on by embracing individual creativity. Why are we not breaking this divided attention in educational systems between labelled hierarchy subjects and the arts? Should we not, therefore view the success of those embracing innovative thinking and increase the importance of the arts to the same level. Therefore my aim is to create a review in to 21st Century educational policies. Providing a clear argument against the current system and how it indirectly, if not directly, suppresses creativity among pupil. As according to a current polling system reinforces, with a vote at 69% in agreement.1 Along with backup from literary publications by known leading educators and education reformists, such as Sir Ken Robinson, to conclude that for a brighter future the system has to revolutionised.2In regards to policies within The Scottish Government, Education Secretary Michael Cove is worth mentioning as he was subjected to large controversy surrounding his proposal recently. Gove’s plans were to replace the current GSE system with the ‘English Baccalaureate’, which requires a minimum of C-Grade success in English, Math, Science, a Humanities subject and a language. This id…

…at we must be suppressing areas in which children could be succeeding, therefore they are lacking the motivation to excel in distinguished areas emphasised by Muir.On the topic of what this curriculum for excellence brings forth. After an informative discussion with a head of department in high school on how the new system has implemented on the schooling environment, my views on the topic were only reinforced. I was told of how the teaching methods remained, the values still applied, and the only thing that did change was the amount of paper work involved. Teachers have to spend more time reiterating their progress to be ignored, filed away. Indirectly a system that is aiming to change the learning environment is only diminishing the time in which children have to interact with their educators, adding extra paperwork and stresses on an already broken system.6

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