The Construction of Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright Essay

FallingwaterThe prominent and imaginative Wisconsin born American architect, interior designer and author, Frank Lloyd Wright hit his architectural milestone in the mid-1930s when he designed his world-renowned master piece in Bear Run, Western Pennsylvania, “Fallingwater” also referred to as Kaufmann Residence. Owing to his unique perspective in architecture which he refers to as “organic”, the structure looks as though it sprung naturally amidst Bear Run’s trees and water. Frank Lloyd Wright’s complete body of work was so broad that till date he still remains highly recognized as the greatest architect of all time. His career which lasted for approximately seventy two years was apostrophized with global fame, artistic conquests as well as great criticism. Wright’s recognized masterpieces outshone the entire works of many other twenty first century architects. The structure which is now preserved for tourists from around the globe by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy was a great source of achievement to the architect and his colleagues.Built between the years 1936 and 1939, Fallingwater is incredibly cantilevered over 30feet waterfall firmly poised on three steel-braced concrete platforms, without depending on any reinforced pillars. In its natural yet astonishing amalgamation of stone walls affixed to the bedrock and unique reinforced concrete balcony seemingly hovering in mid-air, Alofsin (215) believes that “Fallingwater may be comprehended as the great critique of the modern architectural innovation” (Frank Lloyd Wright: Europe and Beyond). The structure, which was constructed for the family of Pittsburgh based owner Edgar J. Kaufmann as the home and invigorating retreat centre, served as entertainment to many people…

… the perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.

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