The Benefits of Reading Shakespeare

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The wonders of ShakespeareAs students we can concur with you that the works of Shakespeare are some of the most challenging that we are obliged to study in school. He does not seem to use English at all and his works are almost always lengthy and tragic. However, you can benefit from reading and understanding his writings. The fact that you as a student dislike Shakespearean Literature is something that we are well aware of. As you get more involved in reading his works though, you will be able to developed sharpened comprehension skills, better understanding his style of writing and you feel a sense of fulfillment.Yes, Shakespeare is challenging. In the first year of high school for most of you, Romeo and Juliet will be studied. What will you do? For most people the first experience is horrible. The play is long and there are all types of words like ?thee? and ?thy? which no one understands. However, the only way to get used to and understanding this is by reading more of his literature. One cannot expect to understand Shakespeare if they do not try their best to honestly read his works. So it will be best if you can sort of take it all in and have a positive attitude. Life throws a lot of things at us that we do not like, this is one of them. Remember to always approach Shakespearean Literature with a positive attitude.Reading Shakespeare is beneficial in that it helps build one?s comprehension skills. Shakespeare?s works are written in old English and so because of this, it is hard to understand. You will have to translate while reading. This is good because it improves your understanding capacity. It is excellent training for the brain. It will also help you to better understand and comprehend other works of literature. Doing this will help you to raise your grades, and who does not like good grades. With out it, you may not get into the collage you want or are capable of getting into.The works of Shakespeare is not fun for most of you. One way that you can fix this is by trying to make the subject more fun. Sometimes the subject maybe confusing but after reading it a couple of times you start to understand it and know the story line behind the literature.

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