The Attention of the White Chapel Murders

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The Attention of the White Chapel Murders

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In 1888 the Jack the Ripper murders caused chaos in the town ofWhitechapel. Nothing like this had ever happened before. People wantedto know who was dissecting women on the streets.

The murdered women Polly Nicholls, Elizabeth Stride, CatherineEddowes, Mary Kelly and Annie Chapman were all prostitutes looking forwork in the Whitechapel area at the times they were murdered.

The first supposed victim of Jack the Ripper was Martha Tabram eventhough her murder on the 6th of August was not as brutal as the onescommitted later on; it is thought the murder was the beginning of Jackthe Ripper. Martha Tabram was found dead in George Yard inWhitechapel. She had been stabbed a total of 39 times in the body,neck and private parts. This made the people of Whitechapel become onedge. They were scared.

Twenty five days after Martha Tabram was murdered, at about 4am aresident of Whitechapel was walking through Bucks row when he saw awoman lying on the floor with her skirts around her waist. He thoughtshe was drunk and called another man to help wake her up and get herto her feet, but they could not wake her so they went to the policestation. Before they got back a policeman saw they woman and using thelight of his lantern he saw her throat was slit and she was covered inblood. Dr Rees Llewellyn was called to the scene, he said the wound tothe neck had killed her and she had been dead no longer than 30minutes. When her clothes were removed it appeared there were severalwounds to her abdomen which were caused by a long bladed knife. Thesewere done whilst the woman was dead. She worked as a prostitute.

The next murder was on the 8th of September just after 6am. The victimwas Annie Chapman, another prostitute. The body was discovered by JohnDavis. He saw that the woman’s skirts were pulled up, he got help


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