The art of photography and its Relationship with the Truth Essay

A lie is defined as a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood or to convey a false impression. “Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth” (Pablo Picasso) could not be any more accurate. Can the intake of untrue information lead to the discovery of a truth? I believe that Picasso was insinuating that art is merely an imitation of life therefore there must be some truth to it. Photography is the art form that is able to depict this ideal the best. The theories of truth are the pragmatic, correspondence, coherence are brought about with a good photograph. A photograph is an image created by light entering a light sensitive surface, film and or in the digital camera age an electronic imager. The lenses of a camera used to focus the image are able to take in visible wavelengths of light into an accurate reproduction. Therefore a camera is a tool in which the artist may chose to capture the world, but also edit it.Pragmatic theory of truth is based on practicality and convenience, if something and is said and it seems to work then it is true, weather it worked before or after is irrelevant because for that moment it is true. Imagine pointing to a picture and asking the photographer “what is it?” he would reply something to the effect of “Well that’s my dog”. But it’s not, not a dog – merely picture of one, just lines on paper created by light. However even with this distinction when you look at the photograph one does not thing of paper and ink but rather of the dog that it depicts. Having never seen your photographer’s dog before you can clearly see his brown coat, knowledge and truth you had not know before being depicted.Although there is an overwhelming amount of pho…

…ruth for future reference.The art of photography lies within the trusting nature of humanity to believe in it. The creation or recreation of an event or an entirely new even always provides at least one un-doubtable truth, that that is happening in the photograph. In a pervious example explains this of the dog in the picture, that dog is brown, whether or not the photographers dog is actually colored in that manner doesn’t matter that picture is depicting the truth that the dog in the picture is brown and prior to seeing it an onlooker wouldn’t have known that. The photograph is a lie by definition, it is intended to convey an impression, lying that is just lines on a paper not a solid image, but the picture on the paper doesn’t it is always able to provide a truth, not “the truth” but a truth and that is a very clear distinction of the helpfulness of art.

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