The Architectural Design and Significance of The New Art Gallery of Ontario

Architectural designArchitectural Design (AD) was first launched in 1930 in the UK as its architectural based journal. By then it was just a British scene which thereafter spread and became international. Architecture has then taken great revolution from time to time. There are several Current Trends in Architectural Designs which have taken place since its launch (Anderson, 2011).Architecture is dependent on current trends. It was comparable with any other form of art, whether it is music, fashion design or painting. There is great demand for the incorporation of the latest and greatest advances in architectural design into the modern structures. Many people would want their structures to be at-per with the latest designs, but maintain a classic sense that will ensure the look is in, no matter what year it is (Burden, 2000).The following are the current, more popular trends diploid in architectural design: Consideration of Green environment: We all understand that we reside in a world that is more environmentally conscious than ever. The protection of our Mother Nature extends to architecture. It is evident that more architects are trying to adopt eco-friendly items into their designs. This includes the selection of materials that don’t leave much of a carbon footprint. Most places have enacted laws which most architects are governed like efficient use of land and energy, storm water filtration, waste-product reduction, native landscape use and minimal disruption of the habitat (Association of Cost Engineers, 1999).The adoption of Honesty in designs: The architectural honesty extends to the size of the home. More buyers are choosing something little smaller and medium-sized houses with this bloat of large-scale h…

…red to spend much time in the museum (Douglas & Mcintyre Ltd. 1996).The presence of the artists such as Emily Carr, Paul-Emile Borduas and Joyce Wieland give guidance to the visitors through the history and development of Canadian art. Canadian Collection and the Masterpieces of European Art Collection have been great sources of knowledge to school students (Routledge, Nasgaard & Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2008).Furthermore, boasting works from some of the most famous names in the world of art such as Auguste Rodin, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Paul Cezanne. Time has also been saved in exploring the Contemporary Art Collection with its span of works from the 1960s to the present day. It is in the AGO that anybody cannot skip out on the impressive 40,000 strong photography collection of arts either (Routledge, Nasgaard & Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2008).

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