The 69th Regiment Armory- A Multifaceted Building in New York City Essay

Throughout the semester I have grown accustomed to my surroundings. Well, at least for the most part. There is still one building that intrigues me to this very day. As I’d walk past it on my journey to Baruch College, I’d stare the entire time. The building seems like a simple rectangular building. However, some aspect of the architectural design captivates me. Strangely enough, army trucks are always parked alongside the building. However, upon attempting to research the building, I could not find it. I was too intimidated to venture in and inquire for the name. None of the bystanders I asked knew the name of the building, nor cared to.To my amazement, after trying various peculiar combinations of words such as “army”, “building”, and “Lexington Avenue”, I discovered the name of the intriguing building: The 69th Regiment Armory. The Armory proved to be a more intriguing building than I had ever imagined. The Armory is an active training facility. However, The Armory doesn’t simply house the 165th infantry, rather adds culture to New York City. One may ask, how can a historical landmark (Murray) in which armies train prove to be cultural? We will embark on a journey to discover the second, lesser-known aspect, of the armory.1906. Richard and Joseph Hunt completed their masterpiece (Museum Planet). The building of the 69th Regiment Armory came to a culmination. “Earlier armories had been designed in medieval styles, making use of fortress imagery.” However, the 69th Regiment Armory was the first armory that rejected the medieval fortress prototype (Murray). The 69th Regiment Armory design was classically influenced: the influence of the late Tudor and Beaux Art styles. The building also includes minute characteristics that…

…tion therapy, which corrects the defects in growth, differentiation, and death that are characteristics of cancer cells. This therapy has already been successful in curing acute promyelocytic leukemia (Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation). Housing such an event proves the concern for society in the present and future. The continuation of technology positively correlates with the advancement of society and culture.The 69th Regiment Armory houses a variety of different events, each adding a different aspect to society and culture. The fact that an army training facility can be so multifaceted intrigues me, even after completing all the research. The Armory does not simply serve its purpose by training soldiers to protect our city. Rather, The Armory goes above and beyond what is expected by advancing culture. After all, culture defines the society we live in.

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