Ted Bundy’s Killing Spree Essays

IntroductionTheodore Robert Cowell known as Ted Bundy is one of the most well-known serial killers. Bundy began terrorizing the United States in Seattle in1974 until 1978. The Approximations of his murder count is from anywhere 30-100 victims. The final number is unknown. Bundy took advantage of his good looks and charming personality to lure countless women.ChildhoodTed Bundy was born at the Elizabeth Lung Home for Unwed Mother in Vermont, to a woman named Eleanor Louise Cowell. The father was never identified, but Eleanor’s family suspected that her abusive father was Bundy’s biological father. As an infant, Bundy’s grandparents took the obligation for raising him. Yet, he was aware of who was his biological mother, despite the fact she introduced herself to outsiders has his sister. Throughout, Bundy believed his grandfather was wonderful man; he treasured his grandfather and respected. The grandfather was known for being physical and emotionally abusive towards family members and family pet. In high school, Ted was portrayed as being shy and socially awkward. In his adolescence, he began to peep into women’s windows. Bundy stated that through his adolescence, he fantasized of sexual violence. As he developed and reached on to adulthood, his conduct become more anti-social, on the contrary, no one would predict to the extent of his dysfunctional personality.The MurdersIt is not known when or where Ted Bundy began his killing spree. The earliest documented murder was in 1974 at age of 27. Midnight of January 4, 1974, Bundy broke into the bedroom of 18 years old Joni Lenz, a dance and student of University of Washington. He sexually assaulted her causing extensive internal injuries. Lenz remained unconscious for t…

…recent years, the growth of forensic science has helped find justice for victims and falsely accused offenders. Ted Bundy was able to victimize women in the United States in a five year span. Sadly, many of the victims’ final resting places are unknown. If, Forensic Science was more advanced back in the 70’s perhaps the police or FBI could have stopped him before causing more havoc.

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