Statue of Individuality Essay

Statue of Individuality

Using reason and logic to think was a new idea. This new idea was a part of the revolutionary enlightenment of a daily new Renaissance. To show this new thinking the church wanted a beautiful statue of David for the cathedral. Why? Because, “David’s strength, courage and youthful confidence where the image that Florence wanted to project” (Senatore). In the 1500’s Florence had regained its status as a republic. David symbolized Florence’s independence from outside forces, both foreigners and aristocracy (Senatore). Donatello was the person assigned to make the statue in 1408. But he couldn’t handle the marbles size and texture, and failed to get far. So the marble was left out through all the different weathers, rotting. Until an amazing artist by the name of Michelangelo came along. The church offered him the job and the marble on October 1501. Michelangelo began on this three year project. The church never offered to help or even asked if he needed assistance. He worked for a full three years on this project in rain or snow, hot or cold and was pleased when it was finally finished.

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Michelangelo showed art in a realistic viewpoint. Most statues ad paintings before the Renaissance were of biblical characters and scenes or Greek Gods and Goddesses interacting with humans. Those old ideas were what the artistic, cultural revolutionaries and enlightened thinkers tried to stay away from “The statue David showed human strength and beauty without being godly” (Florence). He helped shape the revolution. He showed the full human body because of his extensive knowledge in anatomy and captured ever subtitle detail of David down to the veins in his hands/arms. Michelangelo portrayed David unlike any other sculpture…

…a fig leaf with no extra charge. Whether, the image is uncensored or censured; it has become very popular (Michelangelo). He What does this beautiful image represent for modern day men? Well the meaning hasn’t changed it’s still the brilliant projection of the ideal” (Sandstead).

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