She Seemed Like a Cool Chick Essay

She told me she worked as a Senior Tax Accountant at a major company and that she graduated from a small university in the mid-west. She seemed like a real cool chick, she was flirty and keep touching me, so I knew what was up. She said she wanted to see me later though because she had an early morning and asked for my number. I like that she turned it on me, normally I asked for the number, but this was cool too. I gave her my number and asked for hers as she stood up she looked at me and said, “If I call you than you will have my number.” She gave me a million dollar smile, winked at me and walked away. I liked her style from that moment on.It took her about a week or more to call me, we made some plans to meet up and have drinks and dinner at a local spot called Andre’s. Over dinner she was flirty just like before, but a lot more forward. Matter of fact she was forward as hell and it really turned me on. While we were sitting at the table waiting for our drinks to come she sat right beside me in our booth. She had on this tight skirt that stopped right above her knee, a grey blouse, and black heels. I assumed she had come straight from work. She looked business professional but sexy. She keep rubbing her breast against my arm and touching me, making eye contact, she even put her hand on my thigh. When we were both done eating I asked when I can see her again.She turned toward me and whispered in my ear,” Y can see me naked now, if you’d like.”It was almost like she purred it out. I was a little shocked that she rolled like that, but I thought fuck it, she want the dick than she can get the dick.“Oh, word? Like that uh?” I asked.“Yes, like that. I’m going to be real with you. I think you fine as he…

…he hiding some shit, but who am I to say anything about that, I hide damn never everything about myself from her.I almost felt like I was catching feeling for her and maybe would like her to be a permanent fixture in my life. Plus some of the freaky shit we do, I don’t know if any other women would be down for that shit and I don’t know if I’d trust another women with my freaky secrets. I honestly don’t even know why I trust her, but I do. I feel like I really need to check myself, or maybe she could be the one. I am getting older and thinking about getting into a new line of work. I been doing this shit since I was twenty-two and it’s starting to take a toll on me anyway. I have enough money to do some other shit, something that isn’t so risky. It would be nice to have somebody to come home to. I don’t know though. I think I’m tripping though.

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