Service Distribution System for Kapsean Company Essay

Kapsean Company offers training services in human resource management since the time it was established as a company in London. This company has plans of venturing into new markets, beyond the borders of London into the service training industry in the city of Poole, southwest England. Poole is a tourist resort city that attracts visitors from all over the world who come to view its large natural harbors, its historic lighthouse arts center, and its marvelous blue flag beaches. This city’s port is among the busiest in this English country with cross-channel freight and passenger ferry services, making it a hub for a large number of employees. Most of these employees are in the service sector which accounts for seventy eight percent of the workforce in this region. This large presence of employees cannot thrive if excellent human resource management strategies are not put in place. This paper develops a service distribution system for promoting Kapsean’s human resource management training services in this city.Keywords: training, channels, marketing

Service Distribution System for Kapsean CompanyKapsean Company has been offering training services in human resource management ever since it was formed in London. Expansion plans have seen this company venturing into new markets in the southwest of England, and specifically the tourist resort city of Poole. The distribution system this company shall employ involves the use of effective and well organized distribution channels. This paper develops a distribution system for Kapsean Company.Distribution Channels OverviewChannel LevelsA distribution channel is a pathway through which goods or services flow in a given direction from the supply or distributor to th…

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…its costs drastically.In conclusion the growth of Kapsean human resource training service in Poole city is highly dependent upon the distribution strategies it will use to avail them to the final consumers. The market is in high need of the training services it offers and effective distribution strategies which involve indirect and selective distribution, will determine the extent of its influence in the market.

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