Roy Lichtenstein was the most visual of all The Pop Artist. Explain

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Roy Lichtenstein was the most visual of all The Pop Artist. Explainwhy this may be true. Roy Lichtenstein led the way for pop artist’sand exploited it to the best that any artist could.

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Roy Lichtenstein led the way for pop artist’s and exploited it to thebest that any artist could. Lichtenstein was born in New York inOctober 1923. Lichtenstein’s parents were middle class people, when hewent to school art wasn’t on the curriculum. Although when he wasyoung he did paint. Lichtenstein was and still is considered the mostsophisticated pop artist around. Roy Lichtenstein was inspired byPicasso’s paintings; he studied them and learnt from them. In 1961 RoyLichtenstein made use of the “Ben-Day dots”. This was the first timean artist had used this device.

The “Ben-Day dots” were firstly mastered by Roy Lichtenstein. With thenew invention of this device it made way for commercial use of it.Lichtenstein’s art was always fairly colorful and in most casestelling us a story.

Reverie 1965: Roy Lichtenstein always enjoyed illustrating andimplementing carton drawings into his work.

Reflections of a Scream 1990: Reflections of a scream is illustratingto society how the world is today. The answer is Children.

As you can see from the above two pieces of art, Roy Lichtenstein is avisual artist, the two pieces of art were created by the use of“Ben-day dots”, you will soon or if haven’t yet realized itLichtenstein did all his art work using this device. The commercialuse of Ben-day dots” allows advertising to take posters to the nextstep. Advertising could now have large scale posters on buildings andrelatively cost effective. Lichtenstein wanted his art work to relateto items and places to the outside world. Roy Lichtenstein had on manyoccasions gone into a comic book store and buys hundreds just so hecould read them and hopefully get inspired from them. He was arealist, didn’t expect much from other people.

“Whaam” was created in 1966; this was a time when tensions were high.The cartoon and comic heroes were playing a vital role. Lichtensteintook these actions and manipulated them to his own personal mind ofthinking. In many situations the out come was one of action, he wantedto appeal to the younger generation. “Whaam” does this.

Lichtenstein revolutionized art it self. He modernized art with theuse of pop art. Out of the three most well known artist’s (RobertRauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein) Lichtenstein is themost visual out of them.

Roy Lichtenstein Explosion 1965-6

Explosion 1965 another action piece of Lichtenstein’s art, he started


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