Robot-Assisted Surgery in Urology Essay

Technology is a major part of everyday life and is always changing. When most people think about new technology they think of a new iPhone or computer. However technology is not just a new phone or a computer, technology can change things in the medical field. With all the new technology today robot-assisted surgery has evolved over the years, especially in urology.

“Urology is a dynamic surgical discipline, which has undergone many developments and refinements over the past few decades.” (Babbar, Hemal 1). Babbar and Hemal go on to say that laparoscopic surgery is a major breakthrough in the urologic field and provides an invasive alternative to open procedures. “The advent of laparoscopic surgery was a major breakthrough in the urologic landscape and provide a minimally invasive alternative to conventional open procedures.” (Babbar, Hemal 1). According to David Yates and his associates robot-assisted surgery is now well-established in urology and it is being used for operations of the prostate, kidney and bladder. “Robot-assisted surgery is now well-established in urology and although not currently regarded as a ‘gold standard’ appoarch for any urology procedure, it is being increasingly used for index operation of the prostate, kidney and bladder.” (Yates, Vaessen, Roupret 1708). Robot-assisted surgery is not brand new technology but with the new technology today it is changing more every day. “Intuitive Surgical, Inc. was founded in 1995 and the first (standard) da Vinci Robotic Surgical System was introduced to the market in 1999” (Yates, Vaessen, Roupret 1710). Then with new technology the da Vinci robotic surgical system had its first upgrade. “The first upgrade occurred in 2003, with the addition of a fourth robotic arm, …

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…the smaller incisions of the robot. Robot-assisted surgery has also helped children because children have more options of procedures due to the new technology. However, robot-assisted surgery has its draw backs. Surgeons are required to be trained for certain of number of required hours with the new technology. Even with the all the training surgeon will still have a lack of experience and that will affect the standard time for surgery. Surgeons may feel that have loss control of the operation because robot-assisted surgery is not hands-on like the traditional open surgery. Looking at robot-assisted surgery financially, patients have to pay additional costs. Hospitals also have to pay additional cost because they have to replace the robot-system’s instruments after so many uses. With all the new technology today robot-assisted surgery will always be changing.


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