Review of film Amadeus Essay

Review of film ‘Amadeus’Amadeus is a movie based on the career and the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Viennese during the 18th century. Throughout the film Antonio Salieri tells his story of his growing hatred for Mozart that eventually led to his ?murder?. Through out the rest of the movie you can see where Salieri is getting even more jealous of Mozart.Although Salieri was inspired to become Gods instrument the music of that time ?classical era? did not revolve around the church or God unlike the Medieval and Baroque periods. But a good thing for Salieri was that most operas still did involve God.Through out Salieri’s childhood his father had forbid him to become a composer because in so many words it was a waste of time for him. Normally a father dying would be something bad but being the man Salieri would turn out to be it is understandable that he would take it as gaining his freedom. He would become Gods instrument because he vowed to heath the word of God in his music. He eventually worked his way to be the court composer for Emperor Joseph II. The real jealousy came to him when his dreams were put on hold because Emperor Joseph II asked specifically for Mozart to compose a national opera for Viennese.

Salieri found that young Mozart was in fact a prodigy at a concert thrown by Mozart?s patron, the Archbishop of Salzburg. To find that Mozart was in fact a prodigy disappointed Salieri quit obviously. It was in his mind that God had chosen Mozart to …

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