Responsibility of Police in Capturing Jack the Ripper

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Responsibility of Police in Capturing Jack the Ripper

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I believe that it was not the fault of the police for not capturingJack the Ripper for many reasons. Apart from the lack of technologywhich limited the police to witnesses there are many other significantreasons for never finding and stopping the Ripper. Although there isoverwhelming evidence to say that the police did their best there aretwo sides to the argument. The police did not perform to their bestabilities due to the fact that in some of the circumstances theyfailed to gain sufficient and reliable evidence.

The fact that the streets were unlit dim and pea soup fog wasobstructing any witnesses and police viewings was another thing ontheir side to not be blamed. Not only were the streets hard to see andnavigate at night, the fact that the east end is riddled with smallback alleys where Jack the Ripper can manoeuvre with much subtleness.This was of course a great advantage to the killer.

Also due to the fact that there was no real connection or link to anyof the other murders accept that they were all prostitutes or ‘fallenwomen’. Also although many of the murders were conducted in a brutalmanner one can not be sure that this is a certain link between all ofthe murders. Although all of the murders were done in close proximitythere are no real clues to why he was doing this. Not knowing themotive can be a big disadvantage to the police as they can’t pin anyof the murders to one person.

The Ripper was very subtle and careful in all of the murders becausehe made sure there were no obvious clues left. However the one clue hedid leave which was a leather apron was inadequate in those days dueto the lack of technology. In source A it says both crimes were thework of a demented being. This suggests that the Ripper was clearly ainhumane being and the fact that the police did not pick up on this


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