Religious Artists: Tintoretto?s Life Essay

Tintoretto’s Life

Tintoretto, a working independent professional artist that was known for his captivating religious paintings. His art was very fond of in the 16th century and will be remembered for many years to come. Tintoretto resided from Venice,Italy around 1518. Not much is known of tintoretto early life he wasn’t really recorded then, but we do know the little things. Tintoretto is actually a nickname given to the artist,his actual name was Jacopo Robusti.He took the name Tintoretto after his father, which had a profession at being a dyer. Tintoretto was born to be a painter, when he was little he covered walls with dye. His father noticed he had a skill so he brought him with him to a studio owned by a master painter named Tintian to see how long he would be trained as an artist. Titian would not be friends with Tintoretto, Titian said,”he could be able to be a professional artist but not a pupil of his”. Tintoretto was able to view Titian’s paintings and see what his other work was.

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Since not much is known we know that he was well aware about what he was doing and what he wanted to do, and that was to be a painter. He was very fond of the artwork of venice and he liked Michelangelo’s work. Tintoretto had sought to combine Michelangelo’s work and the artwork of Titian. Tintoretto Growing up he worked independently on his artwork. He became a professional artist by 1539.

Tintoretto was well known in Italy as a Venetian painter, one of the most well known artist at that time also. When he painted he used oil painting, and very dynamic colours. Tintoretto received assignments for church altarpieces, civic buildings, and portraits of Venetian nobleman and statesman. One things that makes tintoretto unique is that even…

…veness was already being done by people of Rome, Florence and other major cities. This did not change the ways of the town and other improvements,it changed things like people ideas and ways of thinking about things. Commissions from private roots,churches,and institutions came in to the picture. There were a unequaled amount of painters in venice so there was a sense of harmony of sharing the commission’s. Tintoretto received his good share of commissions that centered around 1570s and onward. On May 31,1594 Tintoretto died. Him and his wife had eight children,three of them trained with there father to carry on his artistic legacy.This is some art of Tintoretto’s Featured in Churches.


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