Quality Of Life Variance Across London

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Quality Of Life Variance Across LondonIntroduction============

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Quality of life is the focal point of this piece of coursework. Inorder to investigate the quality of life across London, we carried outfieldwork in six different areas in London.

Quality of life is the level of satisfaction people have with theirlives in their environment. This is a relative concept. It is thestandard of living’ which is the satisfaction people have with theirway of life – a more general term used to describe countries ratherthan regions – along with other considerations such as noise and airpollution.

Models are theoretical framework, which have been created to showland. They help to explain the reality though may not actually exist.As the urban area grows, they tend to develop recognisable patternsand although each settlement has its own unique pattern it is likelyto show similarities with other cities.

Many models have been put forward but there are two models, which arecommonly used. They are two of the earliest and most simplified landuse models, the concentric model – or Burgess Model – and the sectormodel – or Hoyt model.


v Burgess model

This was created in 1924 and is based on Chicago. He claimed thatthere was a CBD in the centre of all towns and cities and that it wentout in a concentric pattern. He believed that as you went outwards,the buildings got newer and the occupants became wealthier. Therefore,the quality of life improved with distance from a city centre.However, he did make assumptions: –

u Assumptions

O City is built on flat land

O Transport system was not significant

O Land values were highest in the centre and declined as you gooutwards

O Poorer classes lived near the centre and places of work

u Limitations

O Only specific to one place and time

O Each zone actually contains more than one land use


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