Picasso and Cubism Essay

Along with George Braque, Picasso was responsible for the invention of cubism. Cubism is one of the most radical restructuring of the way that a work of art constructs its meaning. Cubism is a term that was derived from a reference made to geometric schemes and cubes. Cubism has been known as the first and the most influential of all movements in twentieth century art . Before Picasso did any cubism paintings, there were works exibititing a raw intensity and violence due to his reading of non western art aligned with European primitivism. This contrasting position provided the dynamic for Picasso’s work. In his paintings such as Mother and Child, Picasso showed the fetishistic and simplifying aspects of primitivism. In his paintings Picasso used bright hues and subdued grays and earth colors. Picasso found out that shapes could have meaning and identities by their arrangement .Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga. Picasso’s father, who was a drawing teacher at the Escuela Provin cal de Bell Artes starting teaching Picasso how to paint. His father recognized and encouraged his son’s talent as an artist. His childhood and teenage drawings showed his father’s repertory, an interest with the bullfight and conventional academic work. He enrolled in his father’s drawing classes in 1892 and produced about fifteen oil portraits in 1895.He did experiments with caricatures and sketches in 1894. At fourteen years old in 1895, Picasso passed exams to enter the high level courses in classical art and still life. He studied the old master paintings in 1897 and he critized the teaching of the academia real de. During the next couple of years Picasso began to assert his independence and went out and found a studio and started …

…I chose Picasso because his style of cubism was easy to emulate in my painting.I picked a simple panting to emulate because it had simple shapes and colors and not a lot of colors, tints or shadesWorks Cited1 Green, Christifor, Cubism, Grove Art Online2 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, Primitivism and Cubism, Grove Art Online3Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, Early Years to 1905, Grove Art Online4 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, Blue Period, Grove Art Online5 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, Rose Period, Grove Art Online6Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, Schoorl, Grove Art Online7 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, personal life late 30’s to 1953 Grove Art Online8 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, personal life after 1953Grove Art Online9 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, character and personality, Grove Art Online10 Mc Quillan, Pablo Picasso, reception and reputation, Grove Art Online

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