Pen Versus the Sword (Peace Versus Violence) in World History: The Pen is Mightier!

The pen is mightier than the swordThe pen influences your mind peacefully. Weapons do not. They tend to violate every path of human kind. The pen influences more people than the sword and has more impact on their lives. The power of the sword is negative destruction of life, and the sword has only caused problems during its reign of power.Early man relied on their muscle power. In fight the for existence, it was survival of the fittest. Gradually man became civilized and progressed in society. The fate of nations was shaped by wars and gradually man realized that weapons cannot solve problems. “Weapons could kill a man but cannot bring change to his mind” (Goldsmith, 46). The French citizens made a big mistake by making Napoleon their emperor, he failed to conquer Europe and he brought nothing but destruction to France. He violated the path of human race.Ideas have a much larger impact than violence. Forcing or threatening has never worked. It is incapable of changing the ideas and beliefs of a person, a sword can make someone act in the way it ones but it cannot change the person’s thoughts. When people are influenced by new ideas, changes occur in the society the thinkers are called philosopher they have shaped the society that we live in today. Ideas are spread by writing philosopher and authors write to spread their ideas thoughts, their ideas spreads aware the people of what is going around them about what problems they are having in the society some philosophers who did this were Jean-JacquesRousseau, Voltaire, Voltaire said satire against his opponents. He made frequent targets of the clergy, the aristocracy, and the government. His sharp tongue made him enemies at the French court, twice he was…

…More people go with the pen then the sword because of the pens truth, freedom, justice, liberty, and equality .A pen has more impact on people’s lives, education makes you a leader it makes you stand up for justice it makes you an important person in the society. The power of the sword is negative destruction of life, and the sword has only caused problems during its reign of power. Napoleon Bonaparte has left France destroyed because of his greed for power and the use of the sword, all sword did was cause problems during and after his reign of power. The sword is the meaning of destruction, evil, lies, impurity, wickedness. So the pen will always over succeed the sword. A pen can change a person. It can influence a person. It is the power of the pen that shaped the world. It is flow of energy. It is the truth of humanity. Truly the pen is mightier than the sword.

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