No Suger, by Jack Davis Essay

Question Three. The way a play is staged can have a significant effect on the meanings made by the audience. To what extent have choices n the staging of No Sugar contributed to the meanings you have made concerning ethnicity and identity.The post-colonialist play No Sugar, penned by playwright Jack Davis in nineteen eighty six, invites the audience to critique (and ultimately condemn) the ethnocentrism and ideologies supported by white Anglo-Saxon Christians in the early nineteen thirties in Western Australia. The play follows the Millimurra family, of the Nyoongah people, as they experience racism within the small town of Northam, and are forcefully moved to the Moore River Native Settlement by non-Indigenous officials. The playwright invites the audience to interrogate the central ideologies supported by these two conflicting ethnicities through the employment of theatrical devices (and staging conventions) performance piece.Davis conveys representations of two opposing ethnicities in the play No Sugar through dichotomies and binary oppositions conveyed by theatrical devices. Binary oppositions reflect the dominant ideologies of a society, and encourage the audience to consider the treatment of Aboriginal Australians by Non-Indigenous Australians in the play No Sugar. Theatrical conventions used in the play invite the audience to make meanings concerning the ethnicity and identity of Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups.Davis invites the audience to valorise the importance placed upon participation and community by the Nyoongah people, while condemning insincere spectacles favoured by Non-Indigenous Australians. The stage of No Sugar is designed for a dispersed setting, to represent an attempt to integrate the audience w…

…on-Indigenous people’s inability to comprehend their errors regarding the treatment of Aboriginal people.Davis employs theatrical devices to invite the reader to criticize and endorse certain aspects of the ethnicity and identity of the Non-Indigenous and Indigenous people in the play No Sugar. The post-colonial play presents dichotomies of the markers of ethnicity of each group, and the values each group endorse. The play invites the audience to condemn the ethnocentrism and refusal of Non-Indigenous people to integrate with the Indigenous people. It suggests that the Non-Indigenous people are unwilling to diversify and accept Nyoongahs into their (dominant) cultural identity, despite the Nyoongah characters attempts to integrate with them. Thus it is in these ways that the choices of staging have contributed to meanings made concerning ethnicity and identity.

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