Myers Briggs Personality Type Pros/Cons Essay

Assignment #4 – Myers Briggs Personality Type Pros/Cons

During the power point on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, as the instructor went through the different types of personalities, I was able to recognize which subcategories I fall into almost instantly. When my computer personality test results were returned, I was correct. As I read the type descriptions of Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging- ENFJ- I quickly recognized myself within the descriptive words.The first subset of my personality is Extraversion, as opposed to Introversion. As an extrovert, I would describe myself as social, external and gregarious. This characteristic helps me communicate and reach out to others. However, there are cons that go along with extroversion. Often, I speak before I think and can cut other people off, or say things without thinking through the consequences. Extroverts can also be easily distracted, something that I am all too familiar with.The next subset of my personality is Intuition. Intuition, and the converse, Sensing, describes the way that I take in information. As someone with a highly developed intuition, I focus of the future and trust my insights. Intuitives are less concerned with current data then with visioning ideas for the future. The negative implications of intuitives is an often sense absent-mindedness by others, as well the possibility of overlooking current issues, as I envision the future.As a Feeler, I am a typical woman. Feelers use human values over logical analysis when making decisions. While thinkers are objective, as a feeler, I would describe myself as compassionate and empathetic. However, feelers often spread themselves too thin and put others before themselves.Final…

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…itable. This is definitely a problem that I have a lot of personal experience with. I often get very critical of others and myself when I am under stress.I completely agree with my categorization as an ENFJ. All of the characteristics of Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging, as well as their combination, describe me accurately and completely.

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