Michelangelo Buornarriti Essay

Michelangelo Buonarroti was one of the greatest artists of all time. Many people all over the world throughout history have admired his work and he is possibly the most renowned artist of all time. Michelangelo completed many artistic pieces during his lifetime, and he did them very beautifully and in a very inspiring way.Michelangelo Buonarroti was born on March 6, 1475 in the city of Caprese, Italy, just outside of Florence. Michelangelo’s mother died in 1481 when he was at an early age. Because of this and the fact that his father was governor of his village, Michelangelo was sent to live in the home of a stonecutter. His family then moved to Florence, Italy. At the age of ten, Michelangelo was called back home with his four brothers to “study the academic subjects which gentlemen were expected to know”() . His father did not approve of Michelangelo’s first desires to become an artist. He considered the profession to be beneath a gentleman. However, Michelangelo didn’t enjoy his schoolwork and his father couldn’t keep him from drawing.Eventually, in 1488, he was sent away for a three-year apprenticeship under the artist, Domenico Ghirlandaio. Michelangelo tried to get out of this apprenticeship after only a short time with Ghirlandaio. He claimed that he was mostly self-taught, fearing that he may be viewed as a product of the workshop system, rather than being viewed as a genuine, original artist. After one year of being Ghirlandaio’s apprentice, he was admitted to a school of sculpture set up by the ruler of Florence, Lorenzo de Medici. Founded in the gardens of Lorenzo’s palace, Michelangelo was able to meet and study with many famous artists of that time. During his time at the school, Michelangelo carve…

… leg (that he was painting) and was not giving the slightest consideration t the way it relates with the action of the figure to which it belongs, much less to the action of the picture as a whole”. Michelangelo was obviously an influence and a leader in the art movement of his time.Michelangelo’s art inspired me just as it has inspired many other people throughout the ages. The amount of works he accomplished in one lifetime is astonishing, not to mention the detail and complexity of his work. The way that Michelangelo stood for his art and refused to change it because of someone else was also very inspiring. His techniques for sculpting and fresco painting were very innovative for his time. His work is also very motivating by pushing you to try your best. Many people look up to Michelangelo’s work and dream of being half as successful as he was.

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