Marketing Strategies of Sport Chek Canada Essay examples

Most retailers know that the appearance of their stores plays a big part in determining consumer behavior. As such, they seek to use it to their advantage. Sport Chek sells various types of sports merchandise mainly to middle and upper class citizens of Canada. The company has many stores and online portals. The design of the stores communicates to customers that goods in the store are of high quality. Therefore, customers come with the expectation to pay a premium. The main elements that the store uses to influence consumer behavior include the choice of construction materials, careful choice of colors and shapes, and creative use of lighting. These elements have an impact on the affective, cognitive, and behavioral responses of potential customers. The channel strategy used by the company is effective because of Sport Chek’s strong brand name. The company can benefit more from a better channel strategy for its online shopping portal that can help it to take advantage of the global high-end sports market.Keywords: channel strategy, consumer behavior

Influencing Consumer Behavior in a Retail EnvironmentOne of the key elements of marketing is the ability to predict consumer behavior. Marketers understand that consumers behave in predictable ways. In this regard, many businesses use physical design to influence the behavior of their potential consumers. It is important to note that this approach is not limited to physical stores. Online marketers also use the same principles in web design to influence the behavior of consumers. This paper explores how Sport Chek uses the physical design of its premises to influence the behavior of its customers. The goal of the paper is to identify how Sport Chek uses its internal and externa…

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… of the two channels has created advantages that other players cannot match.The company can improve its channel strategy to enhance its current performance in one way. The company’s website is too reliant in the physical stores. The website has photos of the physical store ostensibly to help customers to connect with it. This idea seems well founded. However, the target market for any company that operates an online shopping system is not local. It transcends geographical boundaries. The company needs to consider how it can make the online shopping experience authentic and complete for customers who may never visit any of its physical stores. A website makes a company a global player. In this regard, the company needs to expand its channel strategy to take into account an expanded potential market. This shift in strategy will increase the sales the company makes.


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