London Docklands

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In this investigation I will be investigating if the hypothesis isTrue or False and justify why.

Hypothesis:”All members of the community benefited ‘equally’ from theredevelopment of London’s docklands”

Introduction: My investigation is to investigate and justified whetheror not the ‘hypothesis’ is true or false backing this up with results.In this investigation I will be doing the following to decide whetheror not the hypothesis: “All members if the community benefited’equally’ from the redevelopment of London’s docklands”

Location: LondonDocklands is in the East end of London-England, UK(Most Economic Developed Country). London Docklands is an area ofeight-and-a-half square miles stretching across parts of the East EndBoroughs of Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Newham, stretching from thenorth of the river Thames,-Tower Bridge to Beckton, ending in theSouth of the River- from London Bridge to Surrey.


Why did Londongrow as a trading centre?

London grew as a trading centre because of the First World War. Duringthe First World War, the British Empire were conquering and expandingthe Empire. As the Empire grew, the trading market grew; this wasbecause Britain was expanding their trade with the rest of the Empire,importing and exporting goods such as; gold, slaves, coal, food stuff.

Therefore Britain became the main trader in all the trade takingplace; and as London had the ideal location for trading (near theRiver Thames) it not only allowed simple access for the traders, itbecame the Capital and the “trading centre” for all trading takingplace.

With the trade market growing many Docks was built for the ships todock as a place for the trade their goods, look at the map below tosee the Docks.


What was it like to work in Dockland at those times?

Majority of dockworkers were employed on a temporary basis; all day,half day, even an hour. Although some Dock workers were permanent andworked full-time for dock companies.


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