London After the Fire Essay

Depending on how you view life will influence how you feel about the city you live in.People who live an honest life and see the glass half full will be more hopeful about tragedies.People who do not live an honest life and see the glass half empty will be more disparagingduring tragedies. An optimist will also look at tragedy as a time of rebuilding where a pessimistwill look at the same tragedy as life as we know it over. In this essay I will describe the viewof London from Dyden’s Annus Mirabilis and Pepys’ Diary, I will discuss what each excerpthave in common and what differs with regards to the representation of the Great Fire of 1666, Iwill display each author’s attitude toward the city, the nation and its people and finally showcasewhich writer is more optimistic of the city’s future.By the very first line in Annus Mirabilis you can see that the author viewed the citybefore the fire as a great city that has made a turn for the worst “Yet London, empress of thenorthern clime, By an high fate thou greatly didst expire” (2085, 1-2). Dryden felt the city hadclaimed too much fame and possibly too much sin. This poem is remnant of the story from thebible of Sodom and Gomorrah because those cities were destined to be destroyed by God forthe people of the cities sinful nature. Dryden must have believed London needed to suffer thesame fate, but instead of being completely destroyed and gone forever London is not entirelyburned and is rebuilt better than it was before “Great as the world’s, which at the death of timeMust fall, and rise a nobler frame by fire” (2085, 3-4).Looking into how Pepys feels about London it is a bit more difficult to decipher becausehe is writing…

…d this willkeep him from having the sky come crashing down if everything does not turn out as he believesit will.In this essay, I have described the view of London from Dyden’s Annus Mirabilis andPepys’ Diary. I have also discussed what each excerpt has in common and what differs withregards to the representation of the Great Fire of 1666. I have depicted each author’s attitudetoward the city, the nation and its people and finally showcased Dryden as the more optimisticwriter with regards to the city’s future. Remembering to look at the positive side of things whenthere is a tragedy is sometimes what makes us resilient enough to rise out of the ashes andrebuild. Every place on earth experiences tragedy and it is not the tragedy that defines people,but it is the actions they take afterwards that stakes claim in who they really are.

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