Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renaissance Man Essay

Leonardo Da Vinci could be argued as one of the most famous persons in the Renaissance Era and one of the greatest painters to ever live. Leonardo is talented and has made many contribution throught his life. He did so many things such as painting, anatomy , mechanics, and architecture. And he is one of the reasons why the Renaissance era could be regarded at one of the greatest time periods in history.

Leonardo was born April 15, 1452 he was the son of Ser Piero and Caterina. Leonardo’s father was a landlord, and his mother was a peasant and they both were not married at the time. Leonardo lived with his father and had an education. Later on his father moved the family to Florence( Heydenreich). At the age of 15 Leonardo was showing that he was a great painter. In 1467 he became an apprentist to Andrea Del Verrochio a very well known artist during that time period. He became a member of Verrochio’s workshop where he received an education in a huge variety of areas.(Giorgio). In another workshop of Antonio Pollaiuolo, Leonardo studied anatomy, and animals. He was accepted into painters guild in Florence. An early work by Leonardo was an angel painting for the Baptism of Christ artwork.After Verrochio viewed the artwork he thought it was time for Leonardo to move on and do other things. Later on Leonardo became an independent painer and later moved to Milan where he worked for Ludovico Sforza. During that time Leonardo created one of his most famous artworks The Last Supper. Later on his career he became a journalist in which he would write down his obeservations , and findings. His notes showed that he knew about how rocks were formed.He was also fascinated with fossils and how to make tunnels through mountains.(Weingardt ).Years …

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…nturies later. Leonardo Da Vici was a great thinker and he was way ahead of his time in what he did and if it wasn’t for some of the things he did then we as a civilization wouldn’t have some of the things we have now. His works has greatly influenced the world today and has changed the way people do things.

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