Legalize Euthanasia Now Essay

Assisted Suicide – Legalisation or Criminalisation? Discuss.

In the past years, assisted suicide has been an issue of large controversies throughout many countries. However, something that I believe is one of the main problems, is that many people are confused between two different ideas – assisted suicide and euthanasia. Assisted suicide is basically when a patient who suffers an incurable disease, which causes a lot of pain, is given the necessary drugs to commit suicide. However, the patient must make the final act of ingesting the drugs, by his own means and can’t be helped by anyone else. Euthanasia, on the other hand, is when another person is the one who actually takes the final move in finishing the patient’s life. As we can notice, these are two different issues and many people have found problems in trying to differentiate between them when specific cases occur, especially because assisted suicide is allowed in some countries like Switzerland and euthanasia is punished with up to 14 years in prison, in Britain. For some people, it seems that there is a big gap in the different types of punishment, for two acts that at a quick glance seem very similar.The debate of assisted suicide is one, which I find quite complicated to pick a definite side in because I believe that there are very strong arguments, both for and against. However, I must say that I’m that I’m slightly on favour of the legalisation of assisted suicide, as I know that many people suffer horrible diseases which cause huge amounts of pain and in some of these cases, it is better to end the pain with death, than to continue suffering. However, there are some cases where the fact that assisted suicide was illegal, helped some people to save their lives. F…

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…be capable of doing it because of their physical disability. Does this mean that quadriplegics can’t decide to use assisted suicide? Technically, they should have the same rights as other patients who are in pain, too. With this example, we can see how hard it actually is, to regulate something like assisted suicide and the complexity of the whole situation.In conclusion, I must say there are strong arguments for both sides, like the halt in the suffering for the patient (for) and the difficulty of how to regulate the situation (against). However, I still believe that assisted suicide should be legalised because in the end, we are all humans and we should all have the human rights to decide the exact moment when we would like to end our lives, especially in cases when hospitalised patients suffer incurable diseases and death, means finishing the never-ending pain.


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